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Murder Mystery Hunt – Liv-Glam


Hi,’s a great hunt the best shop sl.

The liv-glam with it all.
above gifts Liv-Glam, are wonderful.

Kisses and good hunting.

**Tip of Liv-Glam

As we got into the library we found Anigma being thrown out due to loudly talking to another person. When we asked where she was at the time of the murder, the librarian quickly responded saying she was in the library and that Anigma had been noisy even after being shushed and told to be quiet. On to the next person on the list.

untitledSuspect Eliminated -Anigma Eulenberg

We all Know Wren would do anything to bring down well known models in hopes of improving her career. She once told Ekaterina Tolczyner that she was putting on a Lybra fashion show and that she wanted Kat to be part of the show. I guess we should go talk to Kat to see what exactly happened.

Murder Mystery Hunt – Liv-Glam



I'm a model sl

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